Other Industrial Accessories/Components


1. Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

2. Electronic Products Making Plant:

a)   Copper Clad Laminate Manufacturing Plant

b)  PCB Board Making Plant

3. Plastic Products Making Plant

a) PP Woven Sack Making Plant

b) Plastic Footwear Making Plant

c) Melamine Tableware Making Plant

d) PU/PVC Synthetic Leather Making Plant

e) PVC Sponge Leather Making Plant

f) Plastic Shopping Bag Making

 4. Electrical Machine and Apparatus Making Plant

a) Fluorescent Lamp Making Plant

b) Power Cable Making Plant

c) Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Plant

d) Compact Fluorescent Lamp Making Plant

e) Electric Wires & Cables Making Plant

 5. Chemical, Refined Petroleum and Coal Products Plant

a) Paint and Ink Making plant

b) Cosmetics & Lipstick Manufacturing Equipment

Under Construction