Chocolate Making Plant

Chocolate is a solid or semi-solid food that is made through the process of grinding the shell beans of cocoa after they have been roasted. While the beans are ground, a liquid is extracted which become the primary ingredient in all chocolate products.
Chocolate is composed of cocoa butter, carbohydrates, proteins, and a small amount of vitamins and minerals. Its rich brown color is a result of the cocoa bean’s natural pigment, which its aroma is a result of oils found in the bean.
The formulas for producing chocolate products vary depending upon the unique formula used, procedures for blending the beans, and the means by which other ingredients are processed.

 During the 20th century, the United States and Western Europe have been both the world’s largest consumers and manufacturers of chocolate. The primary source, however, for the cocoa bean itself is the world’s tropical areas, such as Central America, Brazil, Venezuela, the West Indies, Haiti, Jamaica, and Ceylon. Though chocolate is not an essential in life, it is increasingly enjoyed by people around the world on a daily basis. Further, as the world’s standard of living continues to rise, so will the demand for chocolate. Therefore, the investment I a chocolate making plant should prove to be a profitable one.

 1 . General Processing Information

 1 . 1 Description of Manufacturing Process

 1.1.1 The desired quantity of granulated sugar is weighed and put into the Crushing Machine.
1.1.2 At the same time, the desired quantity of cleaned cocoa and cocoa mass are weighed and put into the Melting Kettle.

1.1.3 The crushed sugar is combined with the melted cocoa butter and cocoa mass in the Mixing Machine. Simultaneously the flavoring, milk powder, and coca powder are added to the mixer to obtain a completely homogeneous mix.
1.1.4 The mixture is then put into the 5-Rolling Machine and ground to a fine powder.
1.1.5 The powder is sent by a 2-Ply Pump into the Refinery Machine where palm oil and more flavoring are added. It is in this process that the mix achieves a chocolate flavor.
1.1.6 When the chocolate is removed from the refinery equipment, it is in the form of paste and pumped into a storage tank. It can then be processed at any time into any desired type of chocolate, for example, coated peanuts, enrobed chocolate, or sandwich chocolate, etc.

1.1.7 The chocolate paste is then injected into the chocolate mold by the Filling Machine and carried away for reforming by the Vibrator Conveyor.
2.1.8 The reformed chocolate is passed quickly to the cooling cabinet via the Cooling Conveyor and then the chocolate is shaped.

 1.1.9 The shaped and finished chocolate is sent to the automatic Wrapping Machine to be wrapped.

 1.1.10 Finally, the wrapped chocolate is forwarded to the packing table to be manually package in its box.

2 . 2 Flow Chart of Manufacturing Process

Techgen Engineering Ltd.- Flow chart of chocolate processing

Chocolate machinery
techgen chocolate machine
Chocolate pack

Techgen Chocolate diagram

2. Plant Description

2.1 Description of Machinery

Techgen Suger Crusher machine for chocolate production
2.1.1 Universal High Speed Crushing Machine
● Specification
Dimension: L 1000 * W 950 * H 1720 mm
Machine Weight: 400 kg
Horse Power: 5HP
Capacity: 5kg / minute
RPM: 7200
● Performance
Equipped with 24 pieces of steel blades and metal detector.
Ground into fine sugar powder of 200 meshes.
Metal detector detects any metal particles and thus offers additional protection from foreign bodies.
Techgen Double Layer Warming and Mixing Machine for chocolate making plant
2.1.2 Double Layer Warming and Mixing Machine 
● Specification
Machine Weight: 1200 kg
Dimension: L 1000 * W 1000 * H 1900 mm
Horse Power: 1HP
Capacity: 1000 kg
● Performance
The tanks are jacketed and warm water heated.
To melting the cleaned cocoa and cocoa mass.
Techgen Steam Melting and Mixing  for Chocolate making machineMachine
2.1.3 Steam Melting and Mixing Machine 
● Specification
Machine Weight: 2000 kg
Dimension: L 1860 * W 2130 * H 1110 mm
Horse Power: 25 HP
● Performance
The process section of the steam melting and mixing machine consists of two blades within a chamber.
The blades move tangentially against each other at same speed.
The combination of the shear effect between the blades and the chamber wall results in extremely intensive mixing the raw materials.
The optimized sigma blades minimize material adhesion.
Chamber completely jacketed, in accordance with pressure vessel regulations, for temperature control.
The power is transmitted to the rotors and discharge screw by belts, through a reduction gear and gear couplings.
Techgen Rolling Mills Machinefor Chocolate making
2.1.4 3-Rolling Mills Machine 
● Specification
Machine Weight: 2200 kg
Dimension: L 1720 * W 2460 * H 1220 mm
Horse Power: 25 HP
Capacity: 2000 kgs / 8 hours
● Performance
To grind and mix mixture to a fine powder.
Techgen Warming Water 2 – Ply Pump for chocolate plant
2.1.5 Warming Water 2 – Ply Pump 
● Specification
Machine Weight: 70 kgs
Dimension: L 1100 * W 500 * H 500 mm
Horse Power: 2 HP
● Performance
To convey and warm the mixture to refinery equipment.
2.1.6 Refinery Machine 
● Specification
Horse Power: 15 HP
Machine Weight: 3000 kgs
Dimension: L 1800 * W 1800 * H 1850 mm
● Performance
The surface that contact with mixture is made of granite.
To deoxidize, deodorize and grinding the mixture into a fine powder.
Techgen Double Layer Warming and Mixing Machine for chocolate making plant
2.1.7 Double Layer Warming and Mixing Machine 
● Specification
Horse Power: 3 HP
Machine Weight: 1500 kgs
Dimension: L 1700 * W 1700 * H 2300 mm
● Performance
The tanks are jacketed and warm water heated.
To melting the cleaned cocoa and cocoa mass.
2.1.8 Chocolate Filling Machine
● Specification
Capacity: 13 kgs / minute
Electric Consumption: 4 KW
Machine Weight: 800 kgsn
Dimension: L 1100 * W 960 * H 1800 mm
● Performance
Injected the chocolate paste into the chocolate mould.
This machine offers value in space efficiency, trouble-free design and ease of operation.
Vibrator Conveyor for chocolate plant
2.1.9 Vibrator Conveyor 
● Specification
Electronic: 3KW
Machine Weight: 2500 kgs
Dimension: L17100 * W800 * H1000 mm
● Performance
Designed for carried away the reformed chocolate and reduced the air bubble during the transferring.

3.2 Testing Machinery 
Buyer must has the following equipments
3.2.1 Utility
3.2.2 Cabling for motor of machinery
3.2.3 Water Treatment System
3.2.4 Raw materials for commission:
● Sugar
● Cocoa Powder
● Palm and cocoa Oil
● Fat and non-fat milk powder
● Pigment / Flavor

3.3  Measurement of Finished Products 
The finished products are compared with customer’s desire such as dimension, color, taste and shape.

3.4  Raw Material 
● Sugar
● Cocoa Powder
● Palm and cocoa Oil
● Fat and non-fat milk powder
● Pigment / Flavor

3.5  Training in the Operation & Technology Transfer

● Techgen will grant you nonexclusive and nontransferable rights and license to operate and maintain the Plant.
● Techgen will procedure and manufacture to the extent we will deem necessary, and supply equipment, machinery for the Plant.

3.6 Maintenance / Warranty 
● All machines and parts manufactured  who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia. We take the advantage of globalization and crowds of famous & renowned manufacturer’s local representative in Bangladesh, providing their modern technology to our Entrepreneur / Industrialist. Techgen are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of shipment when given normal and proper usage and when owned and used only by the original purchaser.
● This guarantee does not cover parts or items that require periodic replacement under normal use.
● Whether a machine or part is defective in material or workmanship is subject to determination by seller after due inspection, and the sole judgment of our Principal Company. shall be conclusive and binding upon all parties.
● All machines and parts found to be defective in material or workmanship by Techgen Engineering Ltd, will be replaced by it free of charge.

● Unless specifically covered by our warranty within the prescribed time limitation, all service work and parts replacement on standard or special machines will be charged to purchaser at the prevailing rate, plus all costs of material or parts and transportation, travel and other expenses.

4. Inquiry Question

4.1- What capacity do your required at 8 hours?
4.2- Have you ever had any experience on this business?
4.3- What is your budget for this project?
4.4- What kind of processing line would you like us to offer? (Fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual)
4.5- Can you provide sample to us?