Baby Diaper Pad Machine

Baby Diaper Production Line

Baby Diaper Prodution Line

Function & Assemble Parts

  1. It can produce economical or high-grade products with elastic waistline and stereo-protection.
  2. 2.It can produce four specifications (XL, L, M, and S) of products by exchanging cutting tool or simple regulation.
  3. Frontal tape, side sticker and elastic waistline are added on the machine.
  4.  Stereo-protection is molding on the machine. Stereo U type is adjustable.
  5. After molding, products with double wings folding are three-folded into square type and arranged vertically and output in line.
  6. Teeth-like crusher can take treated or untreated pulp with adjustable amount of SAP.

Main Technical Parameter

150 pcs/min (depends on sizes.)
Machine Capacity
59kw –main machine
Total complete machine will be 95 KW
Overall size
16.5*1.9*2.7 M
Wasted Products Rate
≤3% (exclude the circumstances when glue applicator breaks down or exchange material)
S, M, L, XL (size according to samples.)
  1. Both sides with leak proof cuffs. Material for stereo shield is cut and shaped by hot press on the equipment. It adheres to elastic ribbon to be formed for side leakage proof.
  2. The diaper machine can produce both T-shaped and I-shaped diapers.
  3. The phase may be adjusted without stopping diaper machine.
  4. Main raw materials are used with unwound, tension control system.
  5. After the side arcs are shaped, the wings will be three-folded lengthwise.The baby diaper pads will be output in line and easy for packing.
  6. It can produce 3 sizes of diapers and diaper pads.